Black Friday 2020 Nitrous Oxide Deals | Laughingly cheap!

[sales_countdown_timer id=”salescountdowntimer”] homepage Black Friday Offers 2020 YEAH !! The time has come … the Black Friday offers of 2020 are available! The Whipped Cream Patterns wholesaler is throwing a lot again this year with high discounts. This year, above our already favorable wholesale prices, you can enjoy extra benefits on, among other things, nitrous […]

Noise nuisance with nitrous oxide

In many cities there was a lot of trouble when using nitrous oxide, many young people use the whipped cream patterns and balloons and then throw it on the street. We personally find this very unfortunate and also prefer that (18+) users prefer to use a nitrous oxide tank, this is better for the environment […]

Press release: Recreational nitrous oxide ban. Banned by 2021 but still available

whipped cream chargers

Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sport (Paul Blokhuis (CU) has introduced a bill to make “recreational nitrous oxide” a criminal offence. These measures come, among other things, following a report on the effects of nitrous oxide use. The report is the result of an “independent” study carried out by researchers from the Assessment […]

Nitrous oxide against depression

Nitrous oxide what is it and what does it do to you? Nitrous oxide, also called n2o or dense dust monoxide, is a colorless and odorless gas. It is usually available in nitrous oxide cartridges (for whipped cream syringes, for example) and in nitrous oxide cylinders! But it is also sometimes sold from large cylinders […]