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Only the best laughing gas for sale!

We also occasionally use a whipped cream pattern ourselves because we know what we are selling, and we only sell the best quality so that you can make the best whipped cream.
We buy directly from European distributors so that we can keep prices low and guarantee quality!

SlagroomPatronenWholesale.NU is your online whipped cream cartridges & laughing gas supplier if you want to buy laughing gas, we deliver to both business and private customers! Nitrous oxide legislation is about to change, so keep an eye on the rules and enjoy the cheap bulk prices.

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You can very easily order your whipped cream cartridges and laughing gas online and your payment is anonymous via:
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Buy nitrous oxide and pay afterwards? Paying afterwards is possible again!

We deliver throughout Europe!

Whipped cream patterns wholesaler Delivers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France & United Kingdom, all our orders are delivered discreetly without mentioning our company name.
Even on your bank statement there is a third party account from our payment provider, so only you know what you have ordered!

Brand we suplly

Hendi, Liss, Pro chef, Interlux, Horeca select, Premya, Revolution, Mosa, Isi, Quick whip and many more brands!


Many customers have already preceded you, we guarantee that your order will be delivered quickly and discreetly! Ordered before 19:00 is shipped the same day *

So do you also want to make the best whipped cream cakes yourself, or just take some balloons? We are happy to take care of this for you!


Did you know that laughing gas was already used in 1772? This was already discovered by Sir Humphry Davy, he used it because of the pleasant intoxication and the nice effect. Humpry Davy described in detail his experiences after using his laughing gas. He was convinced that the gas had a healing effect. (studies in 2019 show that laughing gas also helps against depression) The N2O gas already became a popular fairground attraction in the 18th century, where it was offered both for fun and by quacks. It was soon discovered that the drug worked well as a pain reliever, as followed medically.

How does nitrous oxide work? We are happy to explain it to you click here and a new tab will open where we would like to explain how you can use the best laughing gas safely!