10x KN95 Mouthcap/mouth mask COVID19


KN95 FFP2 Mouthcaps – 10 pieces (GB 2626-2006)

We offer KN95 mouthcaps to ensure good protection. The mouth caps contain a nose clamp, are foldable, filter the air by breathing in and out and enclose the entire face. It’s a professional mouthcap with elastic straps. The caps have a high wearing comfort and can be used in different industries.

This mouthcap is lightweight and has greater skin comfort due to the soft inner shell. The design of the mask ensures that it fits well around your mouth and nose.


  • Filter level: 95
  • Level of protection: KN95/FFP2
  • Color: White
  • Production Standard: CE Certification: EN149:2001+A1:2009 – FFP2 GB2626-2006

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