Noise nuisance with nitrous oxide

In many cities there was a lot of trouble when using nitrous oxide, many young people use the whipped cream patterns and balloons and then throw it on the street.

We personally find this very unfortunate and also prefer that (18+) users prefer to use a nitrous oxide tank, this is better for the environment you don’t throw your tank on the street if there is €50 deposit on it.

Use nitrous oxide not only safely but also without nuisance

Also, with the nitrous oxide bottles you can easily reduce the nuisance with our so-called sillencer/silencer nothing is more annoying than the sound of a nitrous oxide tank that causes a lot of nuisance to the user and certainly for the residents!

When using whipped cream patterns, always think about your surroundings and don’t use too much, and just clean up your mess!

Products4u is convinced that all sanctions against the nitrous oxide of evil will lead to worse, there will be more crime and even more irresponsible handling of the nitrous oxide.