Carrying nitrous oxide

Can you just throw nitrous oxide in yes car? We can answer that quickly.
Transporting nitrous oxide is allowed up to a bottle of 2 kilos in your trunk, you want to transport more than you have to bake or put a cage in your car/bus.
For people cars it is ideal to use crates so that everything stays neatly in the crate even if you get an accident. In addition to the crates you need to have in the car, you definitely recommend having a freight letter with you a so-called adr list of what kind of dangerous substances you are transported (1000 points arrangement).
Add 1 kilo to 1 point for dangerous substances, so that would mean that you can carry 1000 kilos of nitrous oxide.
Please note that you also comply with all ADR safety regulations, and preferably even follow the ADR course.
The course is easy to book through products4u, and lasts several hours after the course you will of course receive a certificate home (in credit card format)
Buy an Adr-Kit here everything is in flashlight, vest, sand, fire extinguisher so that if anything ever happens that you are safe.

A steel cage will also be available from our shop and of course also the adr-kit

Use your wits transport nitrous oxide safely!